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In this post we will use an Sql Data Source control which will retrieve some data from a database and will bind them to the Grid View control.

This time also, Grid View control will support Editing, Updating and Deleting records. From the Grid View’s control “Smart Tag”, either in Design or Source view, select “New data source..”.

Set the Data Source plus check Enable Paging, Enable Sorting, Enable Editing & Enable Deleting like below: Now the code of the Grid View looks like below: Now run the project.

Our Grid View is now ready for Updating/Editing & Deleting.

Thanks,maggi Hi Eddie, You can add a validator of your choice to the grid edit form and take advantage of the advanced server-side validation mechanism Rad Grid exposes.

Thus the update action will be cancelled when invalid input is entered by the user: Editing/Validation/Default Greetings, Stephenthe telerik team What hapens is that, when I click on Insert in the insert form I get an error saying that I've specified too many arguments for the insert stored procedure.

The Grid View control provides us the infrastructure for in-place Editing & Deleting. You can implement Update Delete without writing a single line of code, that’s why at first i am showing Update & delete operations & in the later section i will describe how to Insert using Grid View Footer.

For this you can easily create a protected method and use databind to display the username in the txt User Name Text Box.

Have a look below: Note: Now you can Edit & Delete data from your page which rquires just few clicks.

Now Inserting Data Using Grid View Footer: It requires few tricks to implement.

The files from the archive were extracted without the need to enter a password.

Since I am not sure what causes the abnormality on your end, I sent you a mirror version of the project via email.

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I really can't see the error in this code any how even the stored procedure is simple: Hi cusumano, You may agree with me that this is a generic SQL/ASP.