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Kangta dating

He replied that I should say [something like that] after I try setting him up with someone.”“Shin Seung Hoon, Kim Min Jong, and I all have the same concern. I think Kim Ming Jong is secretly dating behind our backs lately, but I have no confirmation of this yet. Plus, he got a killer voice to lullaby you to sleep every night and the probability he gonna write and compose you sweet love songs are very high too.Shin Seung Hoon hyung is someone who really doesn’t have a life outside of his work. A guy that can cook, looks like that, earns money and looks about 20. XD;; People who had seen him always say how gorgeous he look irl.Even his home is right above his office.”There's no safe age, I can't say much but marriages work by people. I understand why Vic still smitten by him despite being his fan for so long. You hear about people marrying their high school sweethearts at 18 and staying together forever, and then you hear about people who don't find each other until they're in their 50s.The only thing that's bound to work is what's right for you. His hair & face right now makes me remember his Loveholic times.Hating on K-pop sort of became a trend, and got multiplied with Psy’s rise to international fame.As I am reading You Tube comments, I cannot help but shake my head at the “reasons” why people hate K-pop.“Looking at hyung (Shin Seung Hoon), I always think, ‘I can’t become like him.’ I am closer [to the age I should be worried about marriage] now.We drank together, and I told him that I didn’t want to become like him.

Probably the most frequently used reasoning is that K-pop is unoriginal.

Hasta ese momento, se especulaba que se trataba del actor Seo Ha Joon quien se volviera muy popular por su actuación en dramas recientes.

Su propia agencia y las páginas de noticias no confirmaban que se trataba de él, puesto que hasta ese momento sólo se revelaban capturas del vídeo.

It doesn’t only mean that something was created first, from scratch.

In art, original also means that it’s unique, it’s creative, imaginative.

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Después de este percance, no se tienen noticias del actor, pues bloqueó sus redes sociales y tanto él, así como su agencia no contestan las llamadas para dar alguna explicación o para disculparse frente a los medios.

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