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Who is rory gilmore dating

Check out the surprising results below: Dean: Other than publicly breaking up with her in a humiliating manner (twice), Dean treated Rory exceptionally well.

However, if this was about how Dean treated his wife Lindsay, we'd have a very different answer.

After all these years of debate, the fandom has yet to come to a consensus, so we've turned to the ultimate problem-solver -- math -- to help figure this out.

Dean, Jess and Logan were each graded on a scale of 1 to 10 in a variety of crucial categories to prove once and for all who Rory's best boyfriend really is.

Finally, Paul pulled the plug on their relationship via text moments before Rory dropped the bombshell that she was pregnant.Although Carpenter joins a very exclusive club of Rory Gilmore boyfriends (see: Dean, Jess and Logan), don't look for #Team Paul to trend on Twitter anytime soon.It was made clear from the get-go that Rory didn't exactly have strong feelings about her beau of two years.Score: 8Jess: The problem with bad boys is that they're rarely concerned with how their actions affect your emotions.Like, say, when they move across the country without telling their girlfriend.

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