Chinese scent bottle dating

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Chinese scent bottle dating

The “”, a document written in the early 18th Century, notes that snuff was being manufactured in Beijing at this time.

It should be noted a few of the stoppers have had some repair and/or restoration.

Snuff was a social drug and at times customary for people to share upon greeting each other.

People carried snuff bottles because they were the most convenient way of transporting the substance, however, due to the social nature of the drug, many people had beautiful and elaborate bottles made from precious materials as a not-so-discreet means of showing their status.

CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES By most terms of history in China, snuff bottles are a relatively recent development.

Tobacco reached China toward the end of the 16th Century. When tobacco was converted into snuff is hard to say but by the mid seventeenth century seems to be likely.

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I want to sell some on ebay, but I don't want to send out the wrong information in terms of date etc... The perfume bottle is sealed with a plasitc strip but it does not have the little string with the metal on it.

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