Germany open sexy video

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Germany open sexy video

The poll also found that 57 percent feared refugee arrivals would trigger a rise in crime.

Police also installed new video surveillance cameras to monitor the station square.Firefighters were called to car fires as revellers also set fire to bins across the city.Rockets also set fire to the roof of the Reinoldi Church.This is her last day in Berlin, and her friends recommended she come here, the city's most famously hardcore and important club for electronic dance music, as a final blow-out: "Everybody was telling me you need to go to Berghain," she says. Over the past decade, Berlin has transformed into Europe's unofficial party capital, and Berghain has developed a reputation as the Mecca of clubbing.According to a study by Berlin tourism organization visit Berlin, one-third of visitors to Berlin are drawn by the city's nightlife.

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The gay marriage bill, a last-minute addition in parliament's last session before the summer break, was backed by almost every party in the lower house.

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