Who is beck dating

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Who is beck dating

Sikowitz walked in."Okay class, we'll be working on improvs today,"He then called Jade up to pick her group to which she picked Cat, Beck, Andre, and Tori.

At the end of the improve, Jade spilled a cup full of coffee all over Tori's head.

stars Matt Bennett and Liz Gillies have been incredibly close friends since Nickelodeon brought them together years ago.

However, with their recent slew of Instagram photos, fans are wondering if they're dating.

In this weekend’s episode “Tori Fixes Beck & Jade,” Beck (Jogia) wants to ask a girl out, but he’s worried about Jade’s (Gillies) reaction to seeing him with someone else.

I love it when they did the alphabetical acting it whatever they call it at the end of the how where Jade really gets irritated with Tori that she lost. This one totally deserves to be the #1 without a doubt This should at least be top 3 tf Pinkberry I'm only voting for this to let everyone know that there was no episode of Victorious named Pinkberry. [claps his hands excitedly] Beck Oliver: You know how you used to talk about that bully, the one who used to beat you up when you were seven? And I hated that beefy little witch, and her mean face! [he gives a sign, and a pretty girl comes from behind] Robbie Shapiro: You bought me a girl? [Beck talks with his mouth full] Jade West: Just be careful now, Mr. ' Cause who knows what terrible things could happen if that continues. Beck Oliver: [in a thick Cockney accent] Have you ever seen a carnivorious wilderbeast rubbing up fat Dan Schneider, while conversing with...

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Freak the Freak Out I love this episode because it was a bit of a surprise to me to see jade and cat sing, like REALYY GOOD! And I like jade and cat's comebacks to the "mean girls". This episode is literally in my top 5 it's hilarious because Trina acts the same way my sister did (no exaggeration) my favorite line is Tara - and if we win Cat - you can make out with jades boyfriend Jade - WHATCat - they like his hair Jade - so do II d k why but its hilarious Love it! I think the best episode of victorious is when cat shaves jades eye brows off and then jade shaves cat hair off cute Pilot This is a really clever episode, because I love the ending. I think the number 1 episode though is "Freak the Freak Out".

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