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Young Scottish girls were allegedly blackmailed by a man accused of an online "sextortion" plot linked to the suicide of a teenager in Canada, STV News can reveal.

She said: "He tried to blackmail me by saying stuff like 'I'll send these to your friends, I'll send these to your school'."He knows my name, he knows where I live and if I don't do what he wants me to do he will ruin my life."She said she was French, living in Lyon, but was on holiday in Ivory Coast. you could see everything." Paedophilia allegations On the same page, the victim saw many other similar videos of people entrapped in this way.We then chatted for a bit on MSN and I could see a video of her. The blackmailer wanted 500 euros (0) wired to Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast, or else the video would remain online.Prosecutors alleged he targeted 34 female victims in six countries, with five in Scotland, from 2008 to 2014.The authorities also allege he blackmailed five men in England and Australia.

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Anatomy of a RATer How did Abrahams get his start learning the intricacies of remote administration tools (RATs), the malware used to spy on his victims?