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Cody is my good friend and told the producers, so they called me. Even the first day, walking into the house and moving into the house, I was like, “Gosh I hope I made the right decision.” But obviously I’m glad I did.Reese: I need to thank Cody every day for giving her that push. Then they would say, “It’s time,” but then they’d say, “No, wait.” I just wanted to get it over with.

That means that the lovebirds have been together ever since, enjoying more or less a honeymoon, right? In an extensive post-show interview Smith reveals that although she and Reese are eager to explore their relationship, they haven’t had any real time together in three months.

Q: Reality-show viewers often buy into the illusion that events are unfolding as they’re broadcast.

How big was the time lag between the day you knew you’d won, and the day the season finale aired? We had a month in between production and when it actually premiered, and the show lasted two months. It was crazy.” “There was a whole three months that we couldn’t see each other or anything, so that was kind of crazy and kind of difficult, I guess.” Q: That had to be awkward, at times.

and Mattie Lee Henderson, the fifth of eight children.

Hatty adored her parents and siblings, and she treasured the wonderful life they all had growing up in their country home in Ingram.

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