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Jewish history shows that it was a symbol of fertility.

Women also began studying botany at this time, which often led to an increased interest in recreating plants and flowers through their paintings, drawing and quilts." You can find the pattern on her site, Hoopla You may have seen lovely appliqued antique quilts in red and dull tan or a yuck faded yellow green.

In researching the quilt shown to the right she found that many pomegranate quilts were associated with marriage.

Whether the Siberians developed quilting on their own or learned it from outsiders, its advantages in such a cold climate are obvious: warmth without bulk, strength without stiffness, useable in everything from clothing to saddlecloths, and unusual enough to be traded for luxury goods.

She further romanticized the name Underground Railroad by describing how it brings to mind a picture of, "Eliza of We know that this pattern was unknown during the pre Civil War days of the Underground Railroad.

But considering Finley grew up in Ohio she might well have heard stories of this pattern in connection with Ohio's part in assisting escaping slaves.

It may be a trip through the garden using stepping stones or it might be the long journey west in a covered wagon.

Women might well have dreamed of traveling as they were sewing on this quilt.

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My newly acquired pomegranate quilt also aroused my curiosity about what meaning the pomegranate might have had to the quilt makers.

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