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I've been searching for ages for a fun, deep, and entertaining naval combat simulator/game. Games I've tried and enjoyed/disliked: Gratuitous Space Battles: This is a really addicting game, but ultimately very shallow.Ideally one in which you command a fleet of ships, be they ships of sail, or spacecraft, and blast your enemies to bits. You design ships, (a HUGE plus), but there's no real strategy to it aside from picking guns/armor, and mounting them anywhere you feel like it. Nexus: The Jupiter Incident: Pretty cool single player, and your fleet carries over with you between missions. In order to move your ships, you had to direct them towards an actual object.Der Softwareflicken tauscht einige Grafiken aus, passt die Balance an und fügt einige Verbesserungen im planetarischen Bereich hinzu.Einen Überblick über die Bugfixes bekommen Sie auf der Seite 2 dieses Artikels. » mehr Entwickler Stardock hat zum Weltraum-Strategiespiel Galactic Civilizations 2: Dread Lords einen weiteren Patch veröffentlicht.Runs smooth, but in-game menus are unreadable (only boxes - probably a missing font) and some shader effects don't work. This can't be Cross Over's usual overly long loading times when it comes to Source games, since I actually took a shower and had some dinner in the meantime. yeah, S&M opens up a launch window which is part of its demo/shareware style licensing.Unfortunately, that includes the Night Vision spell, which strongly affects playability. I assume that that kind of thing will never really play nice with Cross Over Games unless its specifically tweaked to go with it. Quote Late 2012 27 inch i Mac, Core i7 Quad 3.4GHz, 16GB RAM, Nvidia Ge Force GTX 680MX 2GB, 3TB HDD - Mavericks Late 2009 27 inch i Mac, Core i5 2.6GHz, 12GB RAM, ATI Radeon 4850HD 512MB, 1TB HDD - Mavericks Mac Mini, Power PC G4 1.4Ghz, 1GB RAM, Radeon 9200 32MB, 256GB HDD - Leopard Dell Inspiron 1200 Notebook: 1.2GHz Celeron, 1.2GB RAM, Intel GMA915, 75GB HDD - Ubuntu Generic Black Tower PC, Dual Core 64-bit 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, Ge Force 9600 GT 512MB - Windows 7 yeah, S&M opens up a launch window which is part of its demo/shareware style licensing.togelius asks: "I have the feeling that when developers make the effort to put really sophisticated AI into a game, gamers frequently just don't notice (see e.g. Conversely, games that are lauded for their fantastic AI are sometimes based on very simple algorithms (e.g. For someone who wants to apply AI to games, it is very interesting to know what AI is really appreciated.

The moral alignment of your civ has been jettisoned, replaced with a three-way ideology system that presents a more compelling set of choices whenever colonisation or random galactic events occur. Maps can be absolutely gigantic, with over 100 competing races scattered across them.I'm a huge fan of the games-workshop title Battlefleet Gothic, (a tabletop miniatures game), and would ideally like to find a computer game with similar mechanics. So be it the age of sail, or spaceships blasting each other apart with lasers, I want to hear about it! You then deploy your fleet, and watch as they mindlessly drive towards each other and shoot. I had fun playing through this game, but it lacked multiplayer or a good skirmish system. This weapon only hurts shields, this weapon only hurts hulls, this weapon can only shoot big ships, this weapon can only shoot little ones, etc. So the missions all conveniently had probes lying around so you could move.Different classes of ships move differently, have different weapons, firing arcs, ranges, terrain effects, etc. Homeworld Series: These are great games, and very fun single player.In der Version 1.3 werden wieder zahlreiche Änderungen an der KI und dem Benutzerinterface vorgenommen.Zudem finden sich in dem Patch einige Balance-Optimierungen und Bugfixes.

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The size and specifics of the galaxy you’re playing in mark the first big decision you’ll make when starting a game of Gal Civ III.