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Britaindating com

The event should finish by about 2.30 on Sunday afternoon.The vestibule houses the oldest door in Britain, dating back to the one of the earliest maps of Great Britain dating to the late 14th century. It is interesting to see where in Scotland was considered important at this time.To locate places on the map select the Digital Map tab, then the Browse tab below that.The network of ditches and ridges, pictured, were found on a development site in North Cambridge.Researchers from the Cambridge Archaeological Unit believe the ditches were used to grow grapevines or asparagus and date back to 70AD Historians have long suspected the 370-acre (150 hectare) site could have been home to an ancient Roman settlement.The dot on the red markers may be clicked to reveal more information.Chester is a classic, contemporary city bursting with must-see treasures just waiting to be discovered!

The earliest example of Roman irrigation in Britain, dating back almost 2,000 years, has been discovered in Cambridge - and it may have been used to produce wine.

A network of ditches and ridges was found on the site of a proposed new 1 billion development on farmland at the edge of the town, near the M11.

Researchers believe the channels were used as a vineyard, or to grow asparagus, and are being hailed as evidence of 'intense agriculture' dating back to around 70AD.

The city is home to the most complete city walls in Britain, dating from Roman times.

Other sights worth visiting are the Roman amphitheatre and the 1000 year old Chester Cathedral, to say nothing of the half-timbered buildings and the unique Rows, two-tiered medieval galleries lining the beautiful main street. If you would like to give a presentation on anything relating to this admittedly broad subject (agriculture, food hygiene, EU directives, farming, translating menus, recipe books, diet etc.) please contact me at the email address below.

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Last time we held a slam it was very successful and positive, not the nerve- wracking experience some might imagine!

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