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This lesson is the first of a two-part series on fossils.Many children today can name a dinosaur on sight regardless of how lengthy the name. These lessons will go beyond naming dinosaurs and give students a broad understanding of how we know about the great beasts.Tiny, tubular structures uncovered in ancient Canadian rocks could be remnants of some of the earliest life on Earth, scientists say.

Once students have an understanding of how to extrapolate facts and ideas from fossils, they will do some of their own digging in the second part of this lesson to practice using the thinking skills they've obtained.

In the first part of the lesson, students will discuss what we know about horses. This comparison is subtle, but demonstrates what we know as fact and what we know as theory, and more importantly, what sort of proof scientists need for fact to exist.

As students discuss the Stegosaurus, they will realize that fossils tell a story about the animal. how tall, how wide, what kind of teeth, and they describe ideas, i.e.

(—A pair of researchers with Hartwick College in the U. has found evidence of young male humans eating dog meat as part of initiation rituals during the Bronze Age.

In their paper published in Journal of Anthropological ...

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Students will understand what can be learned from fossils and in doing so, realize the difference between fact and theory (idea).

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