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Your history together won't just disappear, but the point is that now you're beginning a new partnership with new and healthier emotional habits.

It helps if you actually cut contact after your breakup and spent time working on yourselves and growing as individuals.

But, if you choose to try again, you both know that your hearts are really in the right place.

Obviously you don't "own" your boyfriend, but UCLA psychological researchers Joann Peck and Suzanne B.

Shu took the research a step farther to note that even touching something causes us to feel more connected to it and more ownership of it.

Of course, even the messiest or most involved of breakups could ultimately lead to a lasting love, but fully separating from your ex and getting a taste of life on your own could lead to a lot more insight about who you are and what you want when reuniting.

There are times in life when, even if you're not sure whether Round Two with someone will work out, you've got to give it one more shot just so you know without a doubt whether you can or can't be happy together.

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Those reasons shouldn’t include comfort or loneliness or fear of putting ourselves out there with someone new.

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  2. “We were asked so many inane dating questions,” she says on an April morning in New York, her makeup-free skin so astonishingly prepubescent in its porelessness that one might wonder whether she ingests embryonic stem cells for breakfast.

  3. For instance, this “Vows” couple who almost didn’t make it, because of her list, and because of “the age thing.” They went out twice, had two great dates, and then she called it off – not because she didn’t like him or have fun with him, but because he was nine years older.