Red sox fan dating yankee fan

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Red sox fan dating yankee fan

NEW YORK (AP) — Alex Rodriguez’s time with the New York Yankees will be remembered for one World Series title, two MVP awards and countless controversies. “When I’m amongst Yankee fans and the conversation turns to him, he’s not held with great fondness,” said Marty Appel, author of “Pinstripe Empire: The New York Yankees from Before the Babe to After the Boss.” “There was just something about the way he related to people over the years that fell short of a warm embrace, whether it was body language or dating celebrities,” said Appel, a former Yankees media relations director and television producer.“The rank-and-file lunch-box-carrying people just never really took to him.” Perhaps the most talented and notorious player of his era, Rodriguez is set to play his final game for the Yankees on Friday night at home against Tampa Bay. The Red Sox are the worst franchise to be a fan of. The worst part of being a Red Sox fan is the Yankees.

Red Sox Nation, the vaguely defined legion of Boston baseball fans across the world, is generally thought to be centered right around Boston.

Outside influences affect their opinion of the guy — whether they’re right, wrong or indifferent. But if you look at baseball only, there’s no way you can’t say he’s one of the best who ever played the game.” Mariano Rivera got a sendoff tour, leaving the Yankee Stadium mound for the final time in tears when Jeter and Andy Pettitte removed him three years ago, setting off a thunderous 4-minute ovation.

Jeter, like Rivera a five-time World Series champion, got another round-the-league farewell and hit a game-winning single versus Baltimore on his final swing at Yankee Stadium in September 2014, raising both arms in triumph.

On Monday afternoon, a picture of New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge surfaced, with him showcasing a backwards facing Boston Red Sox snapback and a grey and red lettered Red Sox shirt.

I speak for all Yankees fans when I say that I am at a loss for words.

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Louis Cardinals and (fill in the blank midwest team) is on the same level with their east coast counterparts, it’s simply not true.

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