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Theme: Songs that are popular downloads on i Tunes. Paula said the vocals sounded really good but that he needs to work on his stage presence. Okay, she's actually doing okay with this song, and it fits her quirky voice a lot better than the stuff she's picked lately.Simon said it was a complete mess and that he came off as a wannabe. And my Plurk buddies will be glad she didn't do the creepy half twist this week.I've not been doing so well on my predictions, so maybe this is the week I get back on track.

Kara said he moved everyone emotionally, and she got goosebumps, too. Randy said she rushed the band a little bit, but he mostly wants to know WTH she's wearing.

(I won't get into it but some people haven't updated Twitter since they signed up for the account and got on because they are funny in real life.) I feel that Twitter is a great place to write some funny short thoughts and the following people take it beyond just a what-they're-doing-right-now tweet and should be recognized. If you think, well these are just your friends, of course you put them up, you should know that I don't really know most of them. If you know of anyone else that I should be following, leave a comment.

Still, there were some glaring omissions and some horrible inclusions.

(We saw this happen last season on THE VOICE with punk rocker Kat Robichaud, indie artist Caroline Pennell, and indie/pop singer Matthew Schuler.) Granted, 16-year-old Malaya Watson also landed in the bottom three last week. Her rendition of “Take Me to the King” by Tamela Mann on Wednesday night received a standing ovation from Keith Urban.

SHE ISN’T CONNECTING WITH VOTERS Generally speaking, any contestant who falls in the bottom two or three (or four) and survives has a greater chance of being eliminated the following week.

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IDOL’s first openly gay contestant was (shockingly) saved by the nation Thursday night — despite an abysmal performance 24 hours earlier. In addition, Jennifer Lopez was hooked throughout Watson’s entire performance, saying afterwards that she “just was with you from the very first moment you opened your mouth.” ***None of the judges gave Nobilette that kind of praise after her take on Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” on Wednesday.”*** Her lack of stage presence was noted by the judging panel again this week, with Keith Urban suggesting she needs “to keep working on connecting how you look with how you sing.