Dating mycenae

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Dating mycenae

Epidaurus is probably most famous for its theatre, one of the best preserved classical Greek buildings and still used today due to its amazing acoustics.The Argolis (Mycenae - Epidaurus) day tour returns to Athens in the late afternoon.After the Corinth Canal, you enter the region of Argolis, land of Homer’s Golden Mycenae, a UNESCO World Heritage site. C., Mycenae was one of the major centers of Greek civilization and a military stronghold which dominated much of southern Greece.Visit the archaeological site, home to the kingdom of mythical Agamemnon. Time will then be taken for a traditional Greek optional lunch at a nearby restaurant.Explore with this guided one full day trip from Athens to Argolis the remains of the ancient city of Mycenae a major centre of Greek civilization from 1600BC to 1100BC and a world heritage monument.Depart from our terminal for one day tour via the coastal National highway for the Corinth canal (short stop).From the hill on which the palace was located one can see across the Argolid to the Saronic Gulf.In the second millennium BC Mycenae was one of the major centres of Greek civilization, a military stronghold which dominated much of southern Greece.

The tholos was built out of ashlar blocks using a technique known as corbelling to create the dome (see page title illustration).You will see the Cyclopean Walls, the Lion’s Gate, the Royal Tombs, including Agamemnon Clytemnestra's, and the Treasury of Atreus, a magnificent 14th-century B. Before lunch an optional stop in a pottery factory.After lunch through ARGOS proceed to Nauplia the first capital of modern Greece with its Venetian fortress of PALAMIDI and the fortified islet of BOURTZI (short stop).However, the Mycenaeans defeated the Minoans, acquiring the city of Troy in the process, according to Homer's Illiad (some historians argue this is Myth rather than fact).The latest kings and queens at Mycenae were buried in what are known as tholos tombs.

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The change of a to e is a development of later Attic-Ionic.

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