Nortel corporate directory not updating

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Last Name , First Name , DN , ORG (Which means...)Room, Welfare,5200, ORGRoom, Rest,5201, ORGCollections, Delivery,5202, ORGDuck, Donald,5208, ORGMouse, Micky,5209, ORGModem, Tom's,5230, ORGI2050 Phone, Jerry's,5234, ORGRabbit, Roger,5235, ORGMouse, Mini,5236, ORGBunny, Bugs,5237, ORG Before saving this file, highlight all of the columns & select the ôsortö option.

Click on column ôAö, so that the Name data is arranged in alphabetical order.

With Jive, your company’s entire phone directory is at your fingertips.

The corporate directory connects with an existing LDAP directory to provide searchable contact matching. When the desired name or number is highlighted in the directory, simply press “dial” or pick up the handset receiver.

The on-handset corporate directory is accessed via LDAP and may be integrated with external directories such as Active Directory; users can search for a given user by name and then dial that user directly. No need to fill your workspace with hard copy directories or sticky notes reminding you of colleagues’ extensions. Jive Mobility imports the corporate directory directly to the smartphone, tablet, or other handheld device being used.

Just access it directly on your Jive system or phone. The corporate directory can be updated only by those with administrator rights.

It's very easy to install the Corporate Directory on a Meridian V25/ Succession switch without having to use MAT or OTM etc, using the information obtained via the CPND Name block in LD 95. Using "Notepads" find & replace, it's easy to get it to find 5 spaces & replace it with 4 spaces & a ",".

I would start off going into "pdt" to navigate to where the cpdir0file is located.

I did update a guide I had previously done for the older software versions on the manual method on how to update the corporate directory.

All information required for generating corporate directory files should be published in the CND.

Subscriber Manager, Corporate Directory application and CND are installed on the primary UCM server.

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I needed to program an old Nortel Meridian Option 11 PBX for a client that was not ready for a PBX upgrade.

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