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Who is young jinsu dating

PHOTOS: The Kardashian family album The rapper, 21, recently sparked rumors about a possible romance between the two when he posted a photo of a brunette beauty -- said to be Jenner -- on his personal Instagram.PHOTOS: Kardashians' Christmas cards over the years Whelp, it looks like sister Kylie, 16, and her beau Jayden Smith, 15, won't be joining in for a double date any time soon.Then Justin Bieber wrote on twitter, "Some people just want attention.go sell some records bro lol and maybe get some followers without my name in theirs before talking." Jinsu then called Justin a little boy and some other stuff."They've been getting closer recently, and they've been hanging out all the time." It seems Jenner, 17, and Jinsu, 21, have been laying low due to the fact that Jenner is still underage.

So Justin Bieber fans started acting very rude by going to twitter and calling Jinsu a Ni**er (the N word) and other really rude things about him being Black and how he is only somewhat popular because of Jasmine Villegas. Reports say that the Kardashian sister has moved on from ex-BF Julian Brooks to up-and-coming rapper Young Jinsu. Reports said back in September that Brooks cheated on Jenner while he was away at school."He would disappear for days and not answer Kendall's text messages," a source told about Brooks, who plays football at the University of Nevada.I'm all for freedom of speech but I feel that Twitter, Parents and Justin Bieber really needs to watch these fan girls.If something like that is happening and Twitter can see what is being said they should delete the pages, parents should but blockers on their kids computers to stop words like that from being used/ watch what they are doing and Justin Bieber should let his fans know that what they are doing is not cool.

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