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Lawmakers clashed today (14 February) as they sought to brush out a vision for the 27-country bloc after Brexit, opening a breach between those wanting to maintain a united and integrated club and those who prefer moving towards a two or multi-speed Europe.

In the debate about the future of the EU held in Strasboug the visions of Italy’s Mercedes Bresso (S&D) and Germany’s Elmar Brok (EPP), who seek to preserve the unity of the 27 members, collided with that of Belgium’s Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE), who advocated a two-speed EU led by the eurozone.

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Verhofstadt pleads for a stronger EU, based on a government of the eurozone, with a fiscal capacity, a Union financial minister, own resources and a convergence code with conditionality.

It also proposes that the Commission be slimmed down, with only two vice-presidents: the finance minister and the foreign minister and that the European Parliament would have a single seat.

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